Overdraw is a free and open source VST/VST3 audio plug-in that implements a waveshaper in which the user can draw the transfer function of each channel using splines.

Here is a brief video with an example of Overdraw and Curvessor used together.

You can jump to the download section, or browse the source code.


  • The transfer functions are smoothly automatable splines.
  • Optional Mid/Side Stereo processing.
  • All the parameters, including the knots of the spline, can have different values on the Left channel and on the Right channel - or on the Mid channel and on the Side channel, when in Mid/Side Stero Mode.
  • Dry-Wet percentage.
  • Up to 32x Oversampling with either Minimum Phase or Linear Phase Antialiasing.
  • VU meter showing the difference between the input level and the output level.
  • Customizable smoothing time, used to avoid zips when automating the knots of the splines, the wet amount, the smoothing time, or the input and output gains

Spline editing

The splines can be edited either by dragging the knots with the mouse, or by entering numeric values for the selected knot.

To enable or disable a knot, double click on it.

When the knots of two different channel are overlapping, the mouse will interact with the control point of the Left/Mid channel.
To interact with the knot of the Right/Side channel, use the right button of your mouse, or press the ALT key while clicking.

To zoom in or out, use the mouse scroll wheel.

Supported Platforms

Overdraw is developed and tested on Windows and Linux (VST and VST3).
If you are willing to build Overdraw from the source code, you may be able to build an AudioUnit/VST/VST3 binary for macOS.
If you encounter any issue, please contact me either here or on GitHub.


Overdraw includes code from these third party libraries:

  • The JUCE cross platform C++ framework.
  • r8brain: an high-quality pro audio sample rate converter / resampler C++ library by Aleksey Vaneev.
  • HIIR: an oversampling and Hilbert transform library by Laurent de Soras.
  • vectorclass: a library for using SIMD instructions to improve performance on modern microprocessors by Agner Fog.
  • PFFFT: a pretty fast FFT, by Julien Pommier, with updates by Hayati Ayguen and by me.
  • Boost

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Last release: version 2.1, built on 2021/12/10.


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